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After waiting smadav antivirus 2001 rev 8.6 has finally been published. Previously enhanced and tested a month by smadav own. Do you know this revision is the largest revision smadav. This is the best version of smadav. Many of the improvements made by smadav for this.

The following improvements are done smadav, namely:
a. engine scanners
b. quarantine feature
c. protection in the event registration key
d. handle the error.
And many more improvements are made smadav.

SmadAV latest 2011 rev 8.6 antiviurs do this to combat the virus locally very disturbing. Such features will detect new viruses that do not exist locally on the database smadav. SmadAV is more stable to use, there is suggesting smadav to join the international anti-virus. However, smadav can only handle local virus alone.

Unknown viruses are uploaded by users to already decreased. This is because:

a. local antivirus that started a lot
b. Windows XP users who switch to Windows Vista or Windows 7. Since it is very safe from viruses, especially the local virus.

In generally makes the spread of viruses is dominated by viruses and malware that require international antivirus to address them on your computer. This is caused smadav can not overcome this.

Here's an explanation of the new features in the latest antivirus smadav 8.6 rev 2011:

• Smart turbo
Smart turbo has scanning capabilities 10 times faster. This feature is an antivirus feature that has the fastest scanning. By using this latest smadav, with just 1-2 minutes you've done scanning in all of your files.

• Theme Smad
Smad theme is able to change the color theme originally smadav green to the color of your choice. When you choose the color of your choice then the color is modified automatically according to the color of your choice.

• Smad Ray
Smad ray is useful to scan automatically flash up very quickly. After that, smadav will display scan results in the form of notification whether infected or not. This process lasts 1-5 seconds.

• Improved display smadav
According to the user smadav smadav ago sanagt display is large and also not suitable. So smadav memprbaiki smadav display with small and can be set when adjusting the size of a minu tactic for laptops.

• Comparison of free and pro smadav
Last on smadav rev 8.6 antivirus erbaru 2011 on the donation tab you have added the comparison table smadav free your pro.

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