The Developments of the Antivirus

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The computer virus is something that is frightening for all people especially for the computer users and the companies that implement the computerized systems. It is very annoying because it can damage the parts of the computer and can eliminate the important files and data. It will be something horrible for us. To overcome those problems, there is the antivirus program. The development of the virus is very high. That is the reason why the antivirus becomes popular and popular. The antivirus is also well developed.

There are so many parties that create the antivirus to overcome the computer virus. It is not only the independent company but also the leading software manufacturers. In spite of the fact that the first antivirus program is only used for the Brain virus, but it played an important role.

There are some stages on the antivirus developments. In the first stage is the prevention by scanning to know the existence of the virus. The second stage was improved with more advanced scanning abilities to find any virus problems. The third stage is more advanced because the antivirus program generated activity trap or work with trapping activity. The fourth stage is the complete antivirus protection that applied simultaneously. The antivirus is always developed again and again following the development of the virus it self.

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